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My eldest daughter has been getting more and more into Lego and I was sick of cleaning up all the pieces off the floor, so we put together this quick Lego desk with organiser drawers. She’s been using it now for a few months and absolutely loves it, and believe it or not the pieces actually do all end up back in the drawers after each session. The fact she can open a drawer up and then sweep pieces off the overhanging desk directly into the drawer makes it fun to clean up, so it actually seems to happen.

We found a used set of Ikea drawers from Gumtree that had been drawn on by a previous family and scratched up a bit so they were very cheap.

Used Ikea Drawers

I gave it a quick sand and scrubbed it all with a slightly soapy sponge to get most of the crayon and other marks off, and get it ready for paint.

Rust-oleum Spray Paint

Then we grabbed a spare piece of Acacia countertop slab (that I used for my workshop tables and computer desk previously) and cut a piece off to suit.

Cutting Acacia Slab

Once the glue had dried, we screwed the countertop on top from underneath, and it’s done.

Assembled Desk

Desk Drawers with Lego

Quick and easy project that cost maybe $50 total including the paint, and a lot nicer to sit at and play than the floor.